Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2009 Triple Threads, Chad Billingsley autograph w/ patch, #'d 05/25

Thanks to Spiegel for starting this thing!  This one is for you Dodgers or Big Billsey fans.  A rather interesting and ultimately disappointing year for our boys in Blue, but Billingsley had a rather nice season for himself.  This is what I have for trade:

Boo yah.  2009 Triple Threads, Chad Billingsley triple jersey w/ patch autograph, #'d 05/25.  Please note that the die-cut on the bottom right "S" does have a small crease/fold, but is not torn.  That foil board is resilient.

You can comment here or find me on my blog, if interested:


  1. This is a sweet card! If no Dodger fans claim it I may make a run at it in time as I build up a little more bait of my own!

  2. Let me know what you'll offer, dudes. : )

  3. Go to Greg for now. I'm in a crazy busy place right now haha.

  4. I'd like a try at this if Greg doesn't get it.